Arch Linux is cool, but I need to ship software

Arch Linux is cool, but I need to ship software

Arch Linux is a very powerful and amazing linux distribution. You get full control on everything. It has bleeding edge software and it’s surprisingly stable if you know what you’re doing. However, sometimes, things can go wrong.

You want a really neat linux distribution with a rock solid package manager that lets you install whatever you want? You’re a linux power user tired of installing so many PPAs to get what you want (Ubuntu)? Arch Linux is what you’re looking for! It has a powerful package manager (pacman or you can also install aura), top notch documentation and it’s really fun to use. It may not be as easy as you’d think, but I’m sure you can get it to work. In this presentation, I talked about my journey with one of the most amazing Linux distro I ever used. <3

Enjoy the slides


Anthergos will make your setup easier (as shown by the step by step in the slides). The only sad thing about Anthergos is that the Arch community may bitch you for not using raw commands to setup your distro. I personally think it’s ok to use it. It’s cool to do everything by your own, but sometimes it’s easier with a UI. Way better than using windows anyway IMHO ;)

Oh and btw, you can use Arch Linux as a server, but I think it’s more clever to use a distro where all your coworkers are comfortable with.

Spoiler alert #1: I moved to Fedora

One thing I really liked about Fedora is its Problem Reporting application that comes with it.

My laptop was kind of easy to break. Bad Nvidia support, multi display glitches, CPU temperature above threshold, random crashes whatever reason, etc.

If you move to Fedora, you may like to use this cool software: Fedy.

Fedy lets you install multimedia codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn’t want to ship, such as MP3 support, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, and much more, with just a few clicks. To install Fedy in Fedora, open a Terminal and run the following command:

    curl | sudo bash

Note: don’t install things from the internet before reading it, so read it first


Also, most of the internet will tell you to disable SELinux. Don’t do this. You’ll lose time with it and you won’t figure out it’s that piece of software that blocked your docker volumes (StackOverflow question), but you should really stop disabling selinux.

Spoiler alert #2: I returned to MacOS

Sometimes, your job gives you a laptop with an apple logo  to ship ios apps. If that’s also your case, have a look to this amazing MacOS awesome list. Sounds like I’ll prepare a presentation about productivity tools on MacOS but in the meantime, have a look to Things I share to programmers.