Hello Pelican

Hello Pelican

Hi there,
Welcome to my blog. This is my first post (in fact, it’s my second). I first attempted to create my blog with wagtail but I had a blocking issue. Edit: problem solved, but I’m happy with pelican! Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, I made a branch and moved my work to Pelican.

It’s probably more convenient for my simple website. I can’t tell a lot about pelican as I did not play much with it yet, but it seems very easy to work with. Oh and I love writing in markdown, that’s probably because of Github ReadMe files Eh.


Here’s how I got started with pelican running $ pelican-quickstart

Welcome to pelican-quickstart v3.4.0.

This script will help you create a new Pelican-based website.

Please answer the following questions so this script can generate the files
needed by Pelican.

> Where do you want to create your new web site? [.]
> What will be the title of this web site? GabLeRoux
> Who will be the author of this web site? GabLeRoux
> What will be the default language of this web site? [en]
> Do you want to specify a URL prefix? e.g., http://example.com   (Y/n) y
> What is your URL prefix? (see above example; no trailing slash) http://www.gableroux.com
> Do you want to enable article pagination? (Y/n) y
> How many articles per page do you want? [10] 5
> Do you want to generate a Fabfile/Makefile to automate generation and publishing? (Y/n) y
> Do you want an auto-reload & simpleHTTP script to assist with theme and site development? (Y/n) y
> Do you want to upload your website using FTP? (y/N) n
> Do you want to upload your website using SSH? (y/N) y
> What is the hostname of your SSH server? [localhost] gableroux.com
> What is the port of your SSH server? [22]
> What is your username on that server? [root] ***************
> Where do you want to put your web site on that server? [/var/www] *********************
> Do you want to upload your website using Dropbox? (y/N) n
> Do you want to upload your website using S3? (y/N) n
> Do you want to upload your website using Rackspace Cloud Files? (y/N) n
> Do you want to upload your website using GitHub Pages? (y/N) n
Done. Your new project is available at *******/***/********/*****

Ok so not quite sure about that last line, but my stuff is ready to go now :). Thanks to the documentation, it’s very well explained and easy to follow.


Now that my site is up and running, I’ll need to try the plugins. I’m only using the sitemap plugin atm tho :P


If you’re reading this post, you see the theme I made. If you want to create your own theme, that’s easy! have a look at pelican-themes on GitHub.

You can then insert this in your pelican settings:

    THEME = "/home/user/pelican-themes/theme-name"

What’s next

There’s not much on my site right now, but I’ll keep updating this place by posting cool stuff. I’ll be using Disqus on this site so feel free to comment and talk about stuff. I have a small todo list here, I’ll add some things to fix here and there and will note some articles and apps to talk about ^^.