What needs to be done

See github issues :)


What I’ll talk about

  • Draft in progress django love
  • Editors (JetBrains, vim, sublime text, Atom)
  • MeteorJS in a nutshell post old presentation
  • Coffeescript power
  • CodeWars, become a Code Kata!
  • Windows 10 (lol, just kidding, wont’t talk about that)
  • Version Control: Git and what I should have learned at school (but didn’t)
  • Grunt or Gulp, livereload, omg
  • Write about Pelican

Completed tasks

  • Minify pictures assets
  • Move to github pages
  • Have travis check for dead links with html-proofer automatically and periodically
  • Share nginx letsencrypt config because it’s aweomse
  • Minify css assets
  • Better Facebook Sharing (og:image tags, og:description, etc.)
  • Customize the about page
  • Add some cool random space pictures in header
  • Use permalinks for nicer urls solution was permalink: pretty
  • Use GitHub Activity added a badge in about page instead
  • Do something with headers on other pages (index looks good)
  • Change the look and feel of archive pages Removed it
  • Use webassets plugin switched to jekyll instead
  • Add GabLeRoux Logo in menu on pages other than home
  • css: fix paragraph padding with code blocks
  • Padding issue between content and nav
  • Center titles
  • Remove useless title links
  • center footer content
  • Be aweomse

Well, that’s a lot of great things to do right? ^^