Fastlane: deploy ios and android like a boss

Fastlane: deploy ios and android like a boss

Sorry, we can’t deploy, john is on vacation

Your team shouldn’t rely on only one person to release your mobile apps.

Once again, I gave a presentation at the SagLacIO. This time, it was about Fastlane. Here are a few links to get you started.

Getting started

Install ruby and start having fun:

sudo gem install fastlane
fastlane init

Then follow instructions. If your app has both ios and android (ex; cordova, ionic, react native, hybrid project), I recommend starting with ios. You can add android support later by following the android documentation.

How to solve the “only one person can release an ios app”

You may share the certs by your own or Follow and let fastlane match handle everything for you!

Here goes the slides

I gave a quick explanation of what problems fastlane solves and I went trough a complete example of doing the fastlane init and fastlane ios beta to send an app on itunes connect!


If you have suggestions, feel free to poke me or open an issue.