Git is a must have tool known as the stupid content tracker.
Every programmer should learn to use it as soon as they can. Git will save you time and could even save your life (yep). I gave that presentation at the UQAC SagLacIO Special edition! Thank you all, that was an awesome night!

Git, l’arbre de la vie

I learned git by myself and I want you to learn it too!

Version control?

YES! You want to time travel in your code and into other people’s code! Git is a collaboration tool, it’s about being able to work with people but it’s also great for working alone! Did you know Github currently has more than 2.7M repositories publicly available? Please, don’t reinvent the wheel!

Learn git

This is what you want to start with:

And remember:
when in doubt, git commit

Starting a new repository?

Make sure you add the right .gitignore file from the github/gitignore repository for your project. You don’t want to track useless/generated files with git!

Are you a student?

Save money, get Github pro for free and way more with the github backpack! If you’re only looking for private repositories (ex, for your homework), Bitbucket offers free private repositories for teams < 5. :)

Handy resources


I recommend you to install tldr

npm install -g tldr
tldr --update
tldr tldr


Simplified man pages.

- Get typical usages of a command (hint: this is how you got here!):
  tldr command

- Update the local cache of tldr pages:
  tldr --update

Or you can see it in action on tldr.ostera.io

These are the very useful links from my last slide:


When writing my slides, I recorded a 22min git session and created an example git repository on Github.


Direct link to presentation