More than a year later, what's up?

More than a year later, what's up?

Hey there,
This site is still maintained! I was running my personal site on pelican and I just decided to move to jekyll, it’s more popular and easier to maintain.

Why jekyll?

I had a small annoying problem with Pelican’s assets plugin and didn’t want to put time on fixing this. I remember telling myself:

Ok I’ll continue writing on my blog once it’s fixed…

Ahah good one

Switching to an other static site generator ended up being way faster than playing with my old code. Yeah, I’m a bit lazy, that makes good programmers right?. :)

Now that everything is ok, I’ll follow jekyll’s Philosophy;

Put simply, Jekyll gets out of your way and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: your content.

What’s new?

Since my last post (more than a year ago), a lot happened! These are some key points:


Solutions TLM

I started working with a great team at a nice place where I write code, fix problems and close Jira issues. People often ask me what we do at TLM, so in a nutshell; websites, webapps, mobile apps, APIs and a lot of other cool things. At TLM, we work on many projects, have a look to what we do.

GabLeRoux at TLM

SagLac IO

I gave a few presentations at the about awesome subjects such as Coffeescript, HUBOT - Improve and reduce employee efficiency and SaltStack. I’ll keep sharing my presentations on my website.


Totema Studio

I started a partnership with some fiends, an independent video game Studio where I build awesome games with very talented people.

Totema Studio

That was a busy year eh.
Next post will probably be about the great LetsEncrypt who provides https certificates for free!
Stay tuned!